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“Gail always pushed me beyond my limits in the ring.

We worked really well together, and I will miss working with her in the ring.

Personality: Snobbish, aggressive at times and very vain.

Name: Jaster Van Pearson Ring Name: Jaster Rogue Hailed From: Kansas City, Missouri Siblings: Younger Sister - Nina Valentine Nickname: The Terror of Death Entrance Theme: Alter Bridge - Blackbird Height: 6ft Weight: 222lb Status: Heel Brand: Raw Fighting Style: Grappler & Brawler Best Friends: Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards Hair/Color: Red, medium length.

My contract was coming up, and this was a business decision I made for myself.

It was hard because there are so many memories there with the fans and the .

We like to watch the shows on our TV screens, our computer monitors and sometimes even in a bar. CAGEMATCH already has over 100,000 events in the database and that number is growing by the day, so only your rating can help us differentiate between the Wrestle Manias and the Heroes Of Wrestlings of this world.] "The most overrated 5 star match of all time. Still awesome to watch though."] "The natural boy Ric Flair, WOOO. Great charisma, excellent talker, excellent in ring worker for sure. He can sell his ass off, make his opponents look like million bucks, put on a good match with various guys with various levels.

“I was in college studying early childhood education at Eastern Connecticut State University, but I would be in class thinking about being a professional wrestler.

Everybody was crying and hugging me, and the entire night was very emotional.“I’m very happy I went out on a positive note and that I got to say ‘Thank you’ to the fans of the Impact Zone.

Entrance Theme: Shinedown - Enemies Brand: Raw Status: Heel Fighting Style: High-Flyer Hair/Color: Long reaches halfway down her back, Straight and Fiery Red.

If I get that with WWE, I’ll give so much.” is armed with options for her future.

She fulfilled a promise to herself by returning to school, and is now a marketing major at Post University in Connecticut.

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